For a bunch of reasons — some legitimate, most not — I haven’t written on Medium in a long time.

A few times, I wrote out some of the reasons why, intending that to be my point-of-entry back into the swing of things. But the Resistance, in one of its infinite disguises, always won.

I couldn’t even muster the time and attention necessary to look up “strategies for getting back…

Leonard Bernstein said, “To achieve great things, two things are needed; a plan, and not quite enough time.

Don’t engage in “kitchen table productivity.” When you need to get stuff done, consider your surroundings. Go somewhere quiet. Go somewhere where you are less likely to be interrupted. A plan and time is not enough.

But that’s only 2/3rd of the equation. You need a plan, time… and space.

Huh? Why?

Because even with a meticulous plan and solid block of time, you need space to implement the plan and spend the time. …

In my journal, I often rant about life annoyances and societal absurdities. Some are recognized problems in society, others are based on my idiosyncrasies, and a few are downright nitpicky.

Here are 10 repeated, not necessarily representative observations I found while reviewing past journals:

1. Human kindness patterns. Wakes display the epitome of human kindness. You’d never yell at someone for cutting you in the sympathy line… and it’s unlikely anyone would cut you in the first place. …

Self-awareness is critical for emotional intelligence but who has time for that?

Strong self-awareness — how well we recognize patterns in our thoughts and actions, and self-knowledge of our strengths, weaknesses, and motivations — can only be achieved through introspection over a long period of time.

You might (reasonably) say: Sounds great. But I have to go to work and then put…

I am prone to disproportionally analyzing situations. The truly important things get decided by gut and the nominal decisions are debated for weeks. Decisions between those poles — which is most stuff — sometimes results in what I call Indecisive Robot Mode.

When I’m in Indecisive Robot Mode, I pace around, doing everything but really doing nothing, until my battery overheats and I collapse onto the couch. Cue Netflix.

This exact situation just happened. The wife and daughter went to the park, freeing up a couple hours on a Sunday afternoon. If…

Wrong and all too human is when we start a sentence with “I don’t have time to…”

There’s always time. We might choose to use the time for something else but that’s different than not having it. We have it; we’re just choosing to use it one particular way and not another.

Sad is when “I don’t have time to…” is coupled with “Someday, I will…”

Tragic is when no effort is made to stop saying both.

It would be great if students had enough time to prepare for class, go to class, work, and pursue passion projects with abandon… but most don’t.

That said, students can still make the best of the time they have if they think strategically. My goal here is to show students (or anyone, really) how to do that.

The first thing to realize is that time is only one of the resources we need to manage. When…

Michael J. Motta

Asst. Professor of Politics. Writes here about productivity, learning, journaling, life. Author of Long Term Person, Short Term World.

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